Changin’ Ways – The “Story”

After being raised in Detroit, MI and heading off to college in Ann Arbor, I entered the military.  After a world wind 22 ½ year career as a pilot in the Marine Corps I realized that the time had come to leave the excitement of flying to the youngsters; and set a course for my next adventure.  The family and I decided that Hampstead, NC was the place for us and we settled in, and I attempted to figure out just what this next adventure would be.

Not sure where I would end up, I began dabbling in the farming world.  As luck would have it, I found that even though I was essentially raised as a “city boy”, I enjoyed the calling of being outside and working with my hands to product top quality food products.  After taking some time learning the trade, I found the opportunity to strike out on my own, and that is exactly what I did.  Starting with a small herd of pigs, the next adventure began, and is in the process of unfolding as we speak.

I am excited to develop and grow the hog and hen business and eventually expand out to a full-fledged meat and vegetable producing operation that stays true to the philosophy of Local Fresh Sustainable while ensuring the products that Changin’ Ways deliver are of the highest quality and produced in a manner that is not only environmentally conscious, but cost conscious as well.  We may not always be the cheapest, but we will always strive to be the best balance of cost and quality you have ever seen!

Changin’ Ways Approach – Pasture Raised, Naturally Fed Pork

Changin’ Ways hogs are raised with the philosophy that hogs should be able to mimic and act on their natural tendencies.  In order to allow them to do this, we have established a paddock system that we rotate them on to allow access to fresh ground on a regular and routine basis.  Additionally we feed our hogs a large volume of natural product:  to include vegetable scraps from a local produce store, and spent grains from a local brewery.  We understand that our system takes a bit longer to get the hogs to the processor, but we feel that it is only fair to the hogs, and produces a MUCH better final product, for you, our customers.  The extra time and effort required in our process is what makes all the difference in the product we get to you, and we take pride in that.

We feel that all of this ensures healthy pigs and delicious pork products that you can feel great about feeding to you and your family.

Changin’ Ways Approach – Pasture Raised Hens producing incredible Eggs

Changin’ Ways hens are raised with the philosophy that chickens should be able to mimic and act on their natural tendencies.  In order to allow them to do this, we have built what is called an “Egg Mobile”  which is essentially a mobile chicken coop build on an old boat trailer.  By keeping the coop mobile, it allows us to rotate the hens around the pasture and allows the ladies access to fresh grass and insects on a regular and routine basis.  Additionally we feed our hens Non-GMO feed, which when combined with their pasture grazing produces a MUCH better final egg product, for you, our customers.

Changin’ Ways – Long Term Goals

Change the way people view the food they consume.

Build awareness of food sources and how they work.

Provide customers with the highest quality food products available at a reasonable cost, and combine this with excellent customer service.

I aim to make people better understand what is available locally, why local is better, and demonstrate to them that local products in many instances are in fact superior to many non-local ones they now use.


Meet the Team

Dave Borkowski

Owner & Founder